2017 AOY

2017 President Harvey Starling and angler of the year Bryan Selix

2017 AOY Results

Bryan Selix21865.21
Steve Harris21756.45
Wes Scardina17056.24
Craig Granthum17035.22
Philip Lotempio16840.52
Robert Renfroe16750.34
Mike Brank15023.8
Mike Minor14321.43
Chris Cofty13828.18
James McCay13420.97
Alex Stojadinovic13036.42
Walter Davis12231.93
Howell Carter11615.79
Melvin Davis11622.02
Don Johnson11523.99
Clark Jones11415.7
Ty Reese11313.25
Steve Watson8118.38
Harvey Starling7420.41
Larry Connell6822.51
Jimmy Martin6212.41
Bobby Johnson5114.72
Darrin Gibson4013.07
Russell Renfroe387.5
Steve Callins359.93
Bill Hopson344.58
Glenn Mullis317.64
Morris Alford231.84
Ralf Pierce185.92
Larry Liveoak141.54
Mike Thrower130
Steve Drinnon100
Steve Gibbs60

November 2017- Lake Jordan

Bryan Selix6.12
Walter Davis5.84
Wes Scardina4.08
Robert Renfroe2.93
James McCay2.85
Philip Lotempio2.85
Steve Harris2.85
Mike Minor2.01
Craig Granthum1.57
Steve Watson1.09
Clark Jones0
Howell Carter0
Jimmy Martin0
Melvin Davis0
Mike Brank0
Ty Reese0

October 2017- Lay Lake

Congratulations to Wes Scardina on the October win and two wins in a row. Wes had the big bag of 7.73. Walter Davis was second with 4.39 and Clark Jones had big fish with 3.07. Fishing was slow with most fish caught in or around the grass.

First Place Wes Scardina


Wes Scardina7.73
Walter Davis4.39
Bryan Selix4.06
Chris Cofty3.67
Howell Carter3.49
Clark Jones3.07
Steve Harris2.3
Mike Brank1.15
Don Johnson0
Robert Renfroe0

September 2017- Coosa River

Wes Scardina8.74
Bryan Selix4.51
Steve Harris4.04
Larry Connell3.73
Chris Cofty3.57
Alex Stojadinovic2.56
Don Johnson1.87
Philip Lotempio1.67
Mike Minor1.59
Steve Watson0.93
Craig Granthum0.89
Howell Carter0.82
Clark Jones0
Harvey Starling0
Melvin Davis0
Mike Thrower0
Morris Alford0
Steve Callins0
Ty Reese0
Walter Davis0

August 2017- Martin

Philip Lotempio5.55
Bryan Selix5.52
Robert Renfroe4.3
Steve Harris4.02
Chris Cofty4.01
Mike Minor3.43
Mike Brank0.93
Wes Scardina0.87
Bobby Johnson0
Craig Granthum0
Don Johnson0
Howell Carter0
James McCay0
Russell Renfroe0
Ty Reese0

July 2017- Mitchell

Christian Bassmen fished Lake Mitchell Saturday, July 8 .  This was listed as one of our two night tournaments this year.  The club fished from 2 AM till 9 AM in an effort to avoid the summer time heat.   Fishing was extremely tough.  Mike Brank had big fish with a beautiful spotted bass of 2.67 and finished in second place.   Phil LoTempio finished third and Bryan Selix was first with  four fish and a bag weighing 5.95.

Bryan Selix5.95
Mike Brank2.67
Philip Lotempio1.62
Steve Harris1.37
Clark Jones0
Chris Cofty0
James McCay0
Mike Minor0
Ty Reese0

June 2017- Lake Jordan

Steve Harris8.15
Melvin Davis6.46
Jimmy Martin2.22
Alex Stojadinovic1.58
Craig Granthum1.39
James McCay1.26
Mike Minor.84


May 2017- Lay Lake

James McCay9.35
Steve Harris8.77
Ty Reese8.41
Robert Renfroe7.84
Alex Stojadinovic7.84
Melvin Davis6.43
Mike Brank6.35
Philip Lotempio 6.17
Howell Carter 3.29
Craig Granthum .79

April 2017- Lake Mitchell

The weather was unusually cold for early April with the starting temperature around 43 degrees. The fish seemed to have moved back out with the cold snap. Most fish were caught on main lake points in 8-15 feet of water. Alex Stojadinovic had big bag with 13.50 and big fish of 4.15.  Guest honors goes to Adam Davis with a nice bag of 12.72.  See the full results on our tourney results page.

Alex Stojadinovic


Alex Stojadinovic13.5
Bryan Selix11.71
Steve Watson11.3
Robert Renfroe11.28
Clark Jones10.84
Don Johnson9.89
Wes Scardina9.8
Chris Cofty9.7
Bobby Johnson9.41
Larry Connell9.41
Steve Harris9.32
Philip Lotempio6.82
Walter Davis5.03
Mike Minor4.73
Mike Brank4.11
Craig Granthum3.15
Bill Hopson2.62
Morris Alford1.84
Glenn Mullis0
Howell Carter0


March 2017- Yates Lake

Christian Bassmen fished Yates Lake Saturday, March 11 with another good group of 19 members.  Some big fish have moved up, but keepers were still hard to find for most of the club.  Three fish over four pounds were brought to the scales.  Jimmy Martin had big fish with a 5.01 and finished third with 10.19.  Phil LoTempio finished second with 10.64 and Bryan Selix was first with 10.86.

Jimmy Martin Big Bass of 5.01 and third place
Bryan Selix10.86
Philip Lotempio10.64
Jimmy Martin10.19
Alex Stojadinovic8.93
Glenn Mullis7.64
Russell Renfroe7.5
Craig Granthum6.77
Steve Harris6.15
Mike Brank5.64
Mike Minor5.32
Bobby Johnson5.31
Chris Cofty4.53
Wes Scardina3.91
Melvin Davis3.86
Howell Carter3.52
Harvey Starling2.91
Robert Renfroe2.83
Larry Connell2.22
Don Johnson2.04
James McCay1.89

February 2017- Swift Creek

Robert Renfroe “AKA the River Rat” won out for the February tournament on the Alabama River at Swift Creek. We had a great turn out with 18 members and a couple of guests. Robert had a bag of 13.98 with big fish of 5.10.

Robert Renfroe with 5.10 big fish
Robert Renfroe13.98
Bryan Selix12.19
Wes Scardina10.14
Walter Davis10
Steve Callins9.93
Graig Granthum8.93
Harvey Starling8.56
James McCay5.62
Steve Haris5.62
Darrin Gibson5.31
Philip Lotempio5.2
Steve Watson5.06
Don Johnson3.69
Mike Minor3.51
Chris Cofty2.7
Alex Stojadinovic2.01
Mike Brank1.84
Ty Reese1.29
Howell Carter1.12

January 2017- Lake Martin

Craig Granthum11.73
Wes Scardina10.97
Harvey Starling8.94
Darrin Gibson7.76
Robert Renfroe7.18
Larry Connell7.15
Walter Davis6.67
Don Johnson6.50
Ralph Pierce5.92
Melvin Davis5.27
Steve Watson5.06
Bryan Selix4.29
Steve Harris3.86
Howell Carter3.55
Ty Reese3.55
Bill Hopson1.96
Clark Jones1.79
Larry Liveoak1.54
Mike Brank1.11