Tournament Results

Lake Mitchell February 10, 2024

We had a another good turnout with eleven members and two guest. Water temperatures were 49 to 51 and the temperature was mild all day from 50 to 70 degrees. The water was stained in the creeks with some color in the main lake. Most members had a limit and 3 bags over 10 pounds were brought to the scales.

Congratulations to Harvey Starling on the win with a beautiful bag of spotted bass for 12.19.

AnglerWeightBig Fish
Harvey Starling12.193.19
Bryan Selix11.514.08
Wes Scardina11.292.52
Kenneth Hathcock8.52
Mark Syck8.47
Chris Cofty6.99
Howell Carter6.37
Russel Renfroe6.24
Robert Jolley3.57
Craig Granthum0
Brian Peters0

Lake Martin January 13, 2024

We had a good turnout for the first tournament of the year with fourteen members and one guest. Water temperatures were 50 to 52. It was windy early with the air temperatures going from 32 to 48 degrees. Most members struggled with only two limits brought to the scales.

AnglerWeightBig Fish
Bryan Selix9.73
Robert Renfroe6.86
Chris Cofty6.762.67
Mark Syck6.562.64
Wes Scardina4.04
Carsen Griffith3.44
Russel Renfroe2.31
Kenneth Hathcock1.87
Lou Cobb1.12
Craig Granthum0
Harvey Starling0
Robert Jolley0
Clark Jones0
Brian Petters0