Tournament Results

June 8th

Angler Weight
Scardina, Wes 11.65
Harris, Steve 10.26
Cofty, Chris 9.95
Selix, Bryan 8.24
Brank, Mike 6.27
Stojadinovic, Alex 4.4
Carter, Howel 3.61
Renfroe, Robert 2.44

May 11th

Angler Weight
Renfroe, Robert 11.61
Stojadinovic, Alex 11.44
Bryan Selix 10.75
McCay, James 8.44
Carter, Howel 4.40
Brank, Mike 3.08

April 20th

Angler Weight
Wes Scardina 11.11
Syck, Mark 10.16
McCay, James 10.01
Carter, Howel 9.20
Brank, Mike 6.75
Bryan Selix 6.15
Clark Jones 6.11
Harris, Steve 5.27

April 13th

Angler Weight
Syck, Mark 3.73
Renfroe, Robert 3.18
McCay, James 3.05
Harris, Steve 1.18
Brank, Mike 0.89
Carter, Howel 0
Davis, Walter 0


Angler Weight
Selix, Bryan 6.55
Syck, Mark 5.64
Stojadinovic, Alex 3.83
Granthum, Craig 3.64
Scardina, Wes 2.82
Harris, Steve 1.8
Brank, Mike 0
Carter, Howel 0
Cofty, Chris 0
Hopson, Bill 0
Renfroe, Robert 0
Bryan Selix – March 2019 Lake Jordan

Lake Jordan is fishing extremely tough for the time of year.  5 out of 11 club members did not weigh a fish.  Bryan Selix had big bag of 6.55  with just a four fish limit.  Mark Syck was second for the second time in two months with 5.64.  The fish were caught with small plastics in clearer water.


Angler Weight
Cofty, Chris 15.04
Syck, Mark 11.85
Renfroe, Robert 5.81
Harris, Steve 2.26
McCay, James 2.14
Carter, Howel 2.11
Brank, Mike 1.03

Fishing was good for some.  The middle pond has been the sight for big fish over several of the last years in the club, and this year may be the same.  Chris Cofty had big bag of 15.04 and a big fish of 5.4.  Mark Syck was second and had big fish of 5.84.  The fish were caught with a jig, spinner bait and swim jig.

Mark Syck big fish of 5.84


Chris Cofty, 1st place and 5.4 big fish.


Angler Weight
Johnson, Don 10.84
Selix, Bryan 7.91
Scardina, Wes 7.44
Stojadinovic, Alex 7.37
Harris, Steve 5.21
Syck, Mark 5.19
McCay, James 19 4.74
Brank, Mike 3.86
Carter, Howel 2.61


"Follow Me… and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19