Tournament Results

April 10th Yates Lake

Nine club members and three guests fished at Yates lake. We had a delayed start of 11:00 AM and fished to 5:30 because of heavy rain and lighting in the early morning. Wes Scardina had the the most weight with 8.06 and Joseph Griggs had big fish of 3.06.

Scardina, Wes8.06
Selix, Bryan8
Renfroe, Robert7.34
Syck, Mark6.69
Griggs, Joseph6.22
Cofty, Chris5.8
Lotempio, Philip4.77
Jolley, Robert4.02
Renfroe, Russel2.74
Carter, Howell1.71
Jones, Clark

February 13th Lake Mitchell

Seven club members and two guests braved a rainy cold day at Lake Mitchell. Phil Lotempio had the largest bag from the club with 9.63.

Lotempio, Philip9.63
Scardina, Wes9.31
Syck, Mark8.45
Selix, Bryan6.32
Renfroe, Robert5.4
Carter, Howell5
Jolley, Robert2.91

January 9th Lake Martin

Congratulations to Phil Lotempio! He had the best bag of 10.33 and big fish of 3.41 on a very cold and windy day.

Lotempio, Philip10.33
Scardina, Wes8.17
Griggs, Joseph8.12
Jolley, Robert7.4
Selix, Bryan6.52
Syck, Mark5.49
Renfroe, Robert4.57
Granthum, Craig3.91
Minor, Mike1.13
Carter, Howell0
Renfroe, Russel0

"Follow Me… and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19