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October 14, 2017 Lay Lake

Congratulations to Wes Scardina on the October win and two wins in a row. Wes had the big bag of 7.73. Walter Davis was second with 4.39 and Clark Jones had big fish with 3.07. Fishing was slow with most fish caught in or around the grass.

First Place Wes Scardina


Christian Bassmen Service Project

Christian Bassmen of Montgomery (CBM) put on a fishing rodeo for the campers attending Rooftop Friends/Hope Heals camp for individuals and families with disabilities. The location is in Jackson’s Gap, AL held during the week of June 19th at Camp ASSCA. Camp ASCCA provides those with disabilities an opportunity to participate and enjoy camp life with the aid of many volunteers and counselors. Also, it is a time for families to enjoy the facilities located on Lake Martin participating in planned activities without the responsibility of the 24/7 care of their child or loved one.

CBM offered the campers a unique opportunity to go fishing in a bass boat with the help of club members. The plan for the fishing activity began about 6 months earlier, but rain was in the area and fishing did not look like a possibility. The rain held off long enough for eleven campers to experience fishing Lake Martin and catching fourteen bass.

Two campers with Christian Bassmen Melvin Davis

Those participating for CBM were Larry Connell, Mike Brank, Melvin Davis, Larry Liveoak, guest Tommy George, James McCay and Harvey Starling, club president. The men of CBM value opportunities where they can serve others such as giving to charities, providing food, or participating in events to help others such as the campers at Camp Ascca. To see the excitement of the campers, the look on their faces, the joy of catching a bass was a blessing beyond measure for the men participating from CBM.

How exciting it was to see Melvin Davis enabling a young lady to have the thrill of reeling in a fish, or watching two men lift several campers from wheel chairs into a bass boat, or having a three year old camper only wanting to put his hand over the side of the boat into the water, laughing and having a wonderful time.

James McCay and camper kissing first fish

All of the CBM members were thanking and praising God for being allowed to bring a little joy into the lives of those with disabilities and memories that will not soon be forgotten.

Based on the feedback from all the campers who participated, parents and staff of Rooftop Friends/Hope Heals, CBM will be asked to be back next year. The fishing outing was a tremendous success.

For additional information regarding the camps for those with disabilities, please go to the following websites: and

Praise God from whom all blessing flow.

July 8, 2017 Lake Mitchell

Christian Bassmen fished Lake Mitchell Saturday, July 8 .  This was listed as one of our two night tournaments this year.  The club fished from 2 AM till 9 AM in an effort to avoid the summer time heat.   Fishing was extremely tough.  Mike Brank had big fish with a beautiful spotted bass of 2.67 and finished in second place.   Phil LoTempio finished third and Bryan Selix was first with  four fish and a bag weighing 5.95.

Come join us next month for another night tournament on Lake Martin!

April 8, 2017 Lake Mitchell

The weather was unusually cold for early April with the starting temperature around 43 degrees. The fish seemed to have moved back out with the cold snap. Most fish were caught on main lake points in 8-15 feet of water. Alex Stojadinovic had big bag with 13.50 and big fish of 4.15.  Guest honors goes to Adam Davis with a nice bag of 12.72.  See the full results on our tourney results page.

Alex Stojadinovic

March 11, 2017 Yates Lake

Christian Bassmen fished Yates Lake Saturday, March 11 with another good group of 19 members.  Some big fish have moved up, but keepers were still hard to find for most of the club.  Three fish over four pounds were brought to the scales.  Jimmy Martin had big fish with a 5.01 and finished third with 10.19.  Phil LoTempio finished second with 10.64 and Bryan Selix was first with 10.86.

Jimmy Martin Big Bass of 5.01 and third place
Alex Stojadinovic fourth place and a big fish of 4.73

February 11, 2017 Swift Creek

Robert Renfroe “AKA the River Rat” won out for the February tournament on the Alabama River at Swift Creek. We had a great turn out with 18 members and a couple of guests. Robert had a bag of 13.98 with big fish of 5.10.

Robert Renfroe with 5.10 big fish
Swift Creek turnout
Swift Creek Weigh in