Tournament Results

Lake Mitchel May 13th, 2023

AnglerWeightBig Fish
Mark Syck6.7
Wes Scardina6.48
Lou Cobb6.44
Kenneth Hathcock5.96
Steve Harris5.5
Robert Renfroe5.5
Joseph Griggs4.8
Russel Renfroe2.28
Howell Carter2.25
Mike Thrower0

Alabama River April 8th, 2023

Nine club members and one guest fished on a very rainy day. Rain started at blast off and continued all day until the weigh in. The water was lightly stained to heavy stained depending on the part of the river you were on with water temperatures ranging from 67 to 72. Wes Scardina won with the big bag of 8.71.

AnglerWeightBig Fish
Wes Scardina8.71
Kenneth Hathcock8.65
Mark Syck7.54
Bryan Selix7.00
Lou Cobb4.533.24
Howell Carter4.03
Chris Cofty0
Russel Renfroe0
Craig Granthum0

Yates Lake March 11th, 2023

AnglerWeightBig Fish
Bryan Selix12.704.72
Robert Renfroe11.51
Russel Renfroe7.15
Kenneth Hathcock7.11
Steve Harris7.06
Lou Cobb6.26
Joseph Griggs6.12
Mark Syck5.31
Howell Carter2.81
Clark Jones2.39
Brian Peters1.54
Bryan Selix, Big Fish for 4.72

Lake Mitchel February 11th, 2023

Six club members and one guest braved the cold and rain to fish this Saturday. Mark Syck won with the big bag of 9.75 and the unofficial big fish of 30 pounds or more. See our face book site for that picture. Chris Cofty came in second place and had the official big fish of 3.39.

AnglerWeightBig Fish
Mark Syck9.75
Chris Cofty9.143.39
Bryan Selix9.00
Lou Cobb6.81
Brian Peters4.26
Joseph Griggs3.68

Lake Martin January 14th, 2023

We had good attendance for the Thursday night meeting and the tournament. We had 14 members, and 3 guests attend the tournament. Congratulations to Wes Scardina for the first win of the year with a bag of 8.32.

AnglerWeightBig Fish
Wes Scardina8.32
Mark Syck7.162.05
Joseph Griggs6.913.92
Bryan Selix5.53
Russel Renfroe5.14
Chris Cofty4.48
Robert Jolley4.35
Craig Granthum4.11
Walter Davis3.82
Lou Cobb3.49
Don Johnson3.19
Steve Harris1.73
Brian Peters1.01
Bill Hopson
Robert Renfroe