Alex Stojadinovic, 2018 AOY Don Johnson and Craig Granthum

2018 AOY Year End Standings

Johnson, Don251102.31
Selix, Bryan24175.62
McCay, James19143.66
Carter, Howell18821.15
Syck, Mark17747.28
Harris, Steve16734.94
Brank, Mike14815.88
Renfroe, Robert13338.68
Granthum, Craig13014.04
Cofty, Chris12926.43
Lotempio, Philip12621.99
Scardina, Wes12339.52
Jones, Clark10715.64
Davis, Walter8315.07
Minor, Mike7010.28
Stojadinovic, Alex6711.35
Reese, Ty4818.01
Pierce, Ralph4510.44
Hopson, Bill444.14
Liveoak, Larry400
Watson, Steve300
Junkin, Jason265.27
Johnson, Bobby150
Starling, Harvey30
Connell, Larry2 
Callins, Steve1 
Davis, Melvin1 
Gibson, Darrin1 

December 2018- Lake Jordan

Johnson, Don511.13
Syck, Mark36.09
Lotempio, Philip36.03
McCay, James24.56
Brank, Mike23.85
Stojadinovic, Alex10.99
Carter, Howell10.98
Harris, Steve0 
Selix, Bryan0 

November 2018 – Yates Lake

Harris, Steve47.96
Brank, Mike34.22
Selix, Bryan32.38
Carter, Howell0 
Lotempio, Philip0 
Scardina, Wes0 

October 2018 – Lay Lake

Harris, Steve59.28
Reese, Ty58.73
Johnson, Don58.71
Syck, Mark58.32
Renfroe, Robert58.29
McCay, James56.46
Selix, Bryan56.45
Scardina, Wes46.1
Jones, Clark24.7
Carter, Howell12.37
Hopson, Bill11.78
Watson, Steve00

September 2018 – Alabama River/Cooters Pond

Syck, Mark6.51
Selix, Bryan5.99
Jones, Clark5.64
Harris, Steve5.36
Brank, Mike3.59
Carter, Howell2.59
Hopson, Bill2.35
Cofty, Chris1.86
Granthum, Craig1.48
McCay, James1.1
Renfroe, Robert1

August 2018 – Lake Martin

Selix, Bryan10.66
Scardina, Wes9.66
Reese, Ty9.28
Johnson, Don5.97
Renfroe, Robert1.97
Brank, Mike1.85
Cofty, Chris1.47
Jones, Clark0
McCay, James0

July 2018 – Lake Mitchell

Johnson, Don9.98
Selix, Bryan7.31
Syck, Mark7.22
Renfroe, Robert6.83
McCay, James5.38
Harris, Steve3.11
Cofty, Chris2.6
Davis, Walter2.31
Granthum, Craig1.04
Scardina, Wes0.92
Carter, Howell0.82
Brank, Mike0

June 2018 – Lay Lake

We had another beautiful day for fishing.  Water clarity was very clear for Lay Lake and was around 85 degrees.  The air temperature started mild and ended up around 90 at weigh-in time.    The top two anglers were  Don Johnson and co-angler Jason Junkin.   Congratulations to Jason on his first tournament as a new member and also for having the big fish at 4.08.   Don had the largest bag with 10.96. Most fish were caught with plastics in June Bug or Green colors.

Johnson, Don10.96
Junkin, Jason5.27
Selix, Bryan3.67
Brank, Mike 

May 2018 – Swift Creek

The Lord blessed us with a beautiful May day.  The air temperature was mild to start and ended up around 90 at weigh-in time.  Water clarity was good and the river had some current during the day.  The top three anglers were Bryan Selix, Don Johnson, and James McCay.  Don Johnson had big fish of 4.65 and Bryan Selix had the largest bag with 14.25.

Bryan Selix- Swift Creek 2018
Selix, Bryan14.25
Johnson, Don8.56
McCay, James6.62
Cofty, Chris6.31
Scardina, Wes5.86
Lotempio, Philip4.97
Davis, Walter4.85
Minor, Mike4.79
Carter, Howell4.3
Brank, Mike2.37
Harris, Steve2.26
Granthum, Craig1.52
Jones, Clark 

April 2018 – Lake Jordan

Don Johnson is on a roll! Don had big bag and big fish of 4.20.  The day turned out very mild and comfortable and the fish were biting for most of the club. We had 13 members and three guests

Johnson, Don15.02
Renfroe, Robert13.19
Cofty, Chris10.51
McCay, James9.82
Scardina, Wes9.02
Selix, Bryan8.85
Syck, Mark6.11
Jones, Clark5.3
Minor, Mike3.28
Carter, Howell2.89
Granthum, Craig 
Liveoak, Larry 
Watson, Steve 

March 2018 – Lake Martin

Congratulations to Don Johnson . Don had the big bag of 11.99 and big fish of 2.99. Bryan Selix was second with 8.64 and Wes Scardina was third with 7.96. Conditions were nearly ideal with the temperature starting around 43 and a high of 72.  The water was clear at the launch site and the temperature was 58-60. Most anglers had a limit of typical Lake Martin fish.

Johnson, Don11.99
Selix, Bryan8.64
Scardina, Wes7.96
Davis, Walter7.91
Renfroe, Robert7.4
Granthum, Craig7.32
Carter, Howell7.2
Harris, Steve6.97
Lotempio, Philip6.31
Liveoak, Larry4.7
Syck, Mark2.6
Minor, Mike2.21
Jones, Clark0

February – Lake Mitchell

We had a small group to come out due to weather and other commitments, but it ended up only raining for a short time. Don Johnson gets his second win of the short season. Thank you to our guests Tyler and Justin for coming out to join us.

Johnson, Don10.5
Syck, Mark6.15
Pierce, Ralph5.46
Stojadinovic, Alex5.05
McCay, James4.62
Cofty, Chris3.68
Granthum, Craig2.68
Carter, Howell0
Lotempio, Philip0
Minor, Mike0

January – Lake Martin

Congratulations to Don Johnson . Don had the big bag of 9.49 and big fish with one fish weighing 2.96. Bryan Selix was second with 7.42 and Robert Renfroe was third with 7.2.  Conditions were very tough with the temperature starting below freezing and a high of only around 40.  The winds were 15 to 20 all day long.  The top two bags were caught almost completely on soft plastics in the back half of creek arms. Don used a brush hog to catch the majority of his fish and Bryan used a curly tall worm.

Johnson, Don9.49
Selix, Bryan7.42
Renfroe, Robert7.2
Stojadinovic, Alex5.31
McCay, James5.1
Lotempio, Philip4.68
Pierce, Ralph4.98
Syck, Mark4.28
Carter, Howell0
Davis, Walter0
Granthum, Craig0
Harris, Steve0