2022 Final Standings with drops included

Selix, Bryan295
Syck, Mark291
Scardina, Wes281
Cobb, Lou280
Jones, Clark232
Carter, Howell225
Jolley, Robert214
Renfroe, Robert212
Harris, Steve187
Peters, Brian169
Granthum, Craig140
Cofty, Chris84
Renfroe, Russel74
Hopson, Bill64
Johnson, Don60
Lotempio, Philip42
Davis, Walter21

January 8, 2022 Lake Martin

We had a great day Saturday with good attendance. Don Johnson had the best weight for club members with our guest Alexander Costanza besting the crowd.

Guests Alexander and Grant

Johnson, Don7.11
Scardina, Wes6.27
Jolley, Robert6.04
Selix, Bryan5.95
Cobb, Lou5.4
Syck, Mark4.69
Renfroe, Russel2.49
Peters, Brian1.95
Jones, Clark1.57
Granthum, Craig1.14
Carter, Howell0.87
Renfroe, Robert0


Costanza, Alex7.54
Cornett, Grant4.10
Renfroe, Russ1.23

February 12, 2022 Yates Lake

Mark Syck

Congratulations to Mark Syck for finding the big bag and big fish of 3.85 on a very difficult day. Alabama Power was running 3 generators and the water temp was 50 degrees. The anglers that did find fish found them in around 20 feet of water related to bait on a shaky head or drop shot.

Syck, Mark9.12
Selix, Bryan6.25
Renfroe, Robert4.47
Scardina, Wes3.25
Jones, Clark.96
Cobb, Lou.67
Carter, Howell0
Cofty, Chris0
Jolley, Robert0
Granthum, Craig0
Harris, Steve0


Jolly, Rob Jr.0

March 12th, 2022 Lake Mitchell

We had a great turnout despite the weather. Temperatures were around 32 degrees with light snow at launch and very strong winds of 20 to 25. Phil Lotempio had the best sack with 5 fish weighing 8.18 and also big fish of 3.24.

Lotempio, Philip8.18
Selix, Bryan6.16
Cobb, Lou5.72
Syck, Mark5.53
Scardina, Wes3.66
Renfroe, Robert1.67
Carter, Howell
Jolley, Robert

April 9th 2022, Lay Lake

We had a good turnout for both the Thursday meeting and Saturday tournament. Chris Cofty gave a great devotional about the temple for our Thursday night devotional with 11 members attending. We had 11 members fish Saturday and 2 guests on another windy tournament day.

Syck, Mark11.73
Harris, Steve10.05
Scardina, Wes9.72
Cobb, Lou7.1
Cofty, Chris6.85
Johnson, Don5.74
Granthum, Craig4.97
Selix, Bryan 4.65
Jolley, Robert4.39
Carter, Howell3.03
Peters, Brian1.41
Hopson, Bill0

May 14th 2022, Alabama River

The river was fishing very difficult for most with only two limits caught for members and guests. The weather was very good in the morning, water was lightly stained, 74 degrees and moving all day long. See the results below.

Scardina, Wes9.9
Harris, Steve4.2
Selix, Bryan4.16
Carter, Howell2.61
Granthum, Craig0
Peters, Brian0
Jones, Clark0

June 18th 2022, Alabama River

Congratulations to Craig Granthum on the win with a weight of 11.75. We had a small group that came out in the heat, but several good bags were caught. We had 7 members with 2 guests.

Granthum, Craig11.75
Syck, Mark9.82
Cobb, Lou8.95
Selix, Bryan5.61
Renfroe, Robert4.43
Peters, Brian4.3
Carter, Howell

July 9th 2022, Lake Martin

We had a great turnout for such an early morning. The club fished from 3:30am to 9:30am with 9 member’s and two guests for a total of 11 anglers. The fishing was very tough for Lake Martin with the winning weight by Mark Syck at 5.89. Mike Thrower had a beautiful Lake Martin large mouth for 5.95.

Syck, Mark 5.89
Selix, Bryan 5.44
Jones, Clark 4.99
Scardina, Wes 4.84
Carter, Howell 3.12
Cobb, Lou 2.79
Harris, Steve 0.83
Jolley, Robert 0.81
Lotempio, Philip 0

August 13th 2022, Lake Jordan

Summer time temps have been high and has effected the water temperature and the fishing. We had eight members fish and two guests. Only three limits were caught and those were also the top three anglers for the tournament. Congratulations to Robert Renfroe with the big fish (3.28) and first place finish with 9.86.

Renfroe, Robert9.86
Scardina, Wes7.16
Selix, Bryan6.54
Syck, Mark5.84
Cobb, Lou5.18
Peters, Brian4.35
Jones, Clark0
Jolly, Robert0

September 10 2022, Lay Lake

The late summer fall transition has started, and the fishing is starting to improve. We had nine members fish and one guest. Four limits were caught and those were also the top four anglers for the tournament. Congratulations to Mark Syck with the big fish (3.04) and first place finish with 11.62.

Syck, Mark 11.62
Scardina, Wes10.28
Cobb, Lou7.95
Selix, Bryan4.99
Renfroe, Robert4.08
Peters, Brian2.4
Jones, Clark2.33
Carter, Howell1.77
Jolley, Robert.90

October 8 2022, Lake Mitchell

The lake was very busy. There was four other tournaments on Lake Mitchell besides our tournament. The club had five limits and eight members present with two guests. Congratulations to Wes Scardina with the winning weight of 6.20.

Scardina, Wes6.31
Cobb, Lou6.2
Selix, Bryan5.83
Renfroe, Robert5.26
Syck, Mark5.24
Jones, Clark2.74
Jolley, Robert1.91
Harris, Steve0

November 12th 2022, Yates Lake

Thank you to all the current and past members that came out to enjoy the fellowship, food, and fishing. We had a good turnout for the tournament with 9 boats, 11 members, and 5 guests fishing. Congratulations to former member Mike Brank on Big fish honors and the best weight with 7.30.

Selix, Bryan6.56
Renfroe, Russel5.82
Renfroe, Robert5.66
Syck, Mark5.16
Scardina, Wes3.89
Cobb, Lou3.14
Carter, Howell.86
Jolley, Robert.79
Harris, Steve0
Jones, Clark0

December 10th, Lake Martin

Thanks for everyone that came out to fish Saturday. We had a good group fish with 13 members and 3 guests. Fishing was a little tough but, we still had 10 limits weighed-in and a very competitive tournament with just a pound and half separating the top 7 anglers.

Selix, Bryan7.52
Cofty, Chris7.25
Cobb, Lou6.51
Harris, Steve6.47
Renfroe, Russel6.41
Scardian, Wes6.21
Syck, Mark6.11
Renfroe, Robert5.82
Carter, Howell5.46
Davis, Walter1.30
Jones, Clark0
Peters, Brian0
Don Johnson0